*PLEASE NOTE:* Based on end-users case studies and results, if you have a penis that's lesser than 7 inches, we advise to use the unique orthopedic pro-extender device along with VigRX Plus / Erectin & Semenax supplements made with natural alternative herbs (you can find more about these as you scroll down and read through).

However, if you don't want to use the above option (as not everyone would like to wear a device), then we strongly advise to use “Primal Grow Supplement ” made with original Somba / Batammariba African herbs - which can be accessed by Clicking Here to its OFFICIAL PAGE.
Be aware that Primal Grow has suffered lots of counterfeit productions from fake manufacturers, and so we advise that you get it only from the link given above. It is also very limited in supply as it quickly gets sold out. When you visit Primal Grow site, if there's no supply at such moment, you can always check back.

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Penis Enlargement & Sexual Enhancement CASE STUDY with (Urologist) Dr. Stevenson.

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Our best sexual improvement herb supplements are VigRX Plus for Bigger, Longer Lasting Erections, Erectin & Semenax. And our best penile enlargement product is the orthopedic pro-extender. These are the best we have found absolutely potent and recommend with 100% guarantee for efficacy and results. Please get the originals only via the direct product's page link cited on this website as you read on.

"Do you need personal diagnosis or have inquiry, then our head urologist would like to COMMUNICATE with you one on one."

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fACT: If your penis is too small,
She might just leave you or cheat on the side with a new guy who's A LOT bigger.
That's female nature.
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At Medicals Research, we operate with strict adherence to quality control and with some of Australia's best physicians, we research and recommend only what works based on clinical tests and several real life case studies.

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The Orthopedic Pro-extender is by far the best, safest and only solution for men who wish to add extra penis length and girth without complication.

Your DUTY is to use these clinically cleared male enhancement herb supplements (✓VigRX Plus for Bigger, Longer Lasting Erections or Erectin for Bigger, Longer Lasting Erections and ✔️Semenax for Stronger Orgasms & Bigger Loads) along with the orthopedic penis pro-extender for gaining more penile inches as you will soon find out.

The use of the orthopedic penis pro extender and the supplements has been clinically tested, proven to work & deliver.

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Users usually experience Penis Increase and turbo enhancement from TWO Weeks when used as prescribed.

In a recent study conducted by University of New Mexico researchers, the study revealed that for a woman to be fully satisfied by a man, majority of women prefer the man's penis size to be not lesser than 7.5 inches plus long and a bit over 4.5 inches in girth. A bigger penis fills up a woman's space much better and touches sensitive nerves and spots that makes her sexually wired-up and dominated. If you have a bigger dick and last long in bed, you can make any woman climax and she will be forever happy to have you as a partner. THE BIGGER & STRONGER YOUR PENIS, and the more powerful your ERECTION and ability to rock her for an hour or more, THE BETTER FOR MOST LADIES.

Well, most men don't meet that criteria, and that's what Orthopedic PRO-EXTENDER and the supplements will help you accomplish.

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Courtesy demands I Introduce Myself:

My name's Dr. Stevenson P, 57 years and I am an Urologist with expertise in the area of Male infertility, Vasectomy Reversal, Male genital surgery and Erectile dysfunction. I am also an expert on nutrition and hormone balancing for men. I also hold the position of the vice president of Global Medicals Research Foundation Australia. And so please listen to me on this very important and critical subject. This will help you avoid deadly mistakes associated with male enhancement surgery, pumps or stretchers and junk pills out there in the marketplace.

I have medically carried out surgery for hundreds of men in Sydney Australia for those who at one point of their life required extra length and girth in their penis.

Frankly speaking, as I speak to you this very moment, I have successfully done 1374 penile surgery for penis enlargement since 2012. And while I can call the outcomes successful for most of it, I can't recommend it because it's totally risky, and carries certain long term issues.

So also, I can't recommend just any pump, or junk pills or creams or formulas out there, because these are simply time wasters, and don't work.

Complications from surgery, pumps or any of those junk pills, creams or formulas may include: swelling, infections, abscesses or nodules beneath the skin, penile shortening, gangrene, & erectile dysfunction (ED), among others. And where corrective surgery is made in such cases, where complications arise, the patient may never have a “completely normal ding-dong” afterward. I talk from a great wealth of experience handling cases as these on regular basis.

Here's my advice on the matter of male enhancement: Since I have counselled and treated hundreds of men on matters of penis size and enlargement, rather than risking the potentially detrimental complications of surgery, men with unsatisfied sizes and anatomy can go for less risky alternatives. Orthopedic PRO-EXTENDER, VigRX Plus or Erectin and Semenax supplements - is actually the perfect ding-dong growth and male enhancement alternative that's zero percent risky.

I have since stopped doing penile surgery for enlargement and only talk to patients about the orthopedic PRO-EXTENDER and these herbal supplements among other healthy alternative. ➡I no longer do penis enlargement surgery, nonetheless, I am happier, doing what's right and safer for men.

Let's now talk in details about this, how I discovered it in April 2020 through one of my patients,, how I have successfully used it personally and for hundreds of other men across the globe since then.

Before I go on, I would love to let you have the following 3 Bestseller Books 100% FREE. I have read these 3 books and the authors nailed it on the subject of sex, orgasm and mind blowing satisfactions. They are bestsellers, captivating as well, very entertaining.

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365 Sex Moves: Positions for Having Sex a New Way Every Day - Book By Randi Foxx

Get ready for the best year of your life! 365 Sex Moves offers couples hot and exciting positions for every day of the year. Filled with stunning photography and short technique descriptions that get right to the point, this book allows you to simply pick-up-and-play and do the position shown.

An Orgasm (or More) a Day: 365 Ways to a Mind-blowing, Deliciously Satisfying, Full-body Orgasm - Book by Rebecca Swanner

The definitive guide to a daily orgasm! There is nothing quite like having a sheet-gripping, earth-shattering, body-rocking orgasm--and having one every day is even better...

The Orgasm Loop: The No-Fail Technique for Reaching Orgasm During Sex - Book by Susan Crain Bakos

The revolutionary method women can use to reach orgasm anytime, anyhow and anywhere. The Orgasm Loop is a revolutionary mind/body technique for reaching orgasm anytime, anyhow, and anywhere...

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PRO-EXTENDER Penis Enlargement System (clinically tested, proven & FDA Cleared)

From 2 Weeks, you can experience a whole new level in your sex adventures with this. PRO-EXTENDER® is a leading orthopedic product worldwide. It offers an alternative to surgery in the following areas: ✔️Penis enlargement / lengthening ✔️Penis straightening (IPP) ✔️Erectile dysfunction ✔️Improvement of virility to an advanced age ✔️Prostate surgery follow-up care Millions of men suffer from the above ailments and are seeking the optimum solution!. Pro-Extender is the most assured natural method for maintaining the effectiveness of the penis up to an advanced age...

Here's exactly how I encountered it:

In November 2019, one of my patients visited my office and asked to get his penis enlarged. We talked for about 45 minutes, advising him the pros and cons of getting a surgery.

He was strikingly good looking but from our discussion, I saw he wasn't happy/satisfied at all about his size at 5.6 inches. I booked him for an appointment for a week later in November, but he didn't show up.

Well since I didn't see him, I forgot about him!

Using the orthopedic pro-extender and VigRX Plus for Bigger, Longer Lasting Erections or Erectin for Bigger, Longer Lasting Erections & Semenax herb supplements, see users penis results. (thicker, longer, fuller and stronger)

Here is a very remarkable one. This is Malcolm’s new anaconda penis above. He resides in Boston, USA and was originally measuring aeound 6.2 inches. After using the orthopedic pro-extender and supplements from June 2021 to May 2022 – he now stands at around 9.45 inches. (we had his permission to post this). 


Back to my encounter,

In April 2020, this other young man walks back into my office smiling wide and proud. 

We got drinking on coffee and biscuits and talking extensively on the subject of penis enlargement. 

The young man I was advising months ago, became my adviser that day… 

He showed me his ding dong, and there it was, a brand new bigger sized dong from what I saw last time he visited. 

He was now measuring 6.8 inches in length and really thicker.

It was longer, fuller and attractive. And then I knew the reason why he was full of smiles and pride that day. 

He opened up to me about how when he left my office in November, he met a friend who introduced him to an ORTHOPEDIC PRO-EXTENDER and some organic supplements for Penis Enlargement. We talked about it and much more. 

According to him it took him between November 2019 and April 2020 to grow the new inches. 

A year later when we met again, he had added more inches, and was way around 8.1 inches… 

Now to be sincere, I never knew it could be much easier by simply doing very simple things as you will find. 

In my curious state, I decided to try it out myself. 

Please note that prior to this encounter, I know much about extenders and all the noise out there about male enhancement supplements. However, this particular orthopedic pro-extender and Semenax and VigRX Plus  or Erectin supplements are incomparable and have also gained approval from other doctors / physicians and plastic surgeons around the world. And seeing the man’s result, it was enough proof. 


WATCH VIDEO above how to use orthopedic pro-extender 

Using orthopedic PRO-EXTENDER along with these tested healthy herbal supplements, I added 1.13 extra inches to my 7.2 inch natural dong, that’s a new 8.33 inch.

I am now standing proudly with a 8.33 inch long and 5.63 inch circumference dong, and am very fine with this size. I also noticed my sperm looks more enriched and I last more in sex. I can now go an hour or more without tiring out. 

Again, in my years of medical practice as an urologist, I have never imagined it could be this so naturally simple and  effective – to gain more penis length and girth without surgery. 

Using the orthopedic pro-extender is very simple: 

I simply had to dedicate my evening hours between 5 pm to 10 pm wearing it everyday, on a 5 hours daily routine for months. You can choose to wear it anytime of the day you choose and for as long as you wish. It’s also very comfortable to wear, and unnoticeable by people. 

Important note: To get the best results using the orthopedic pro-extender, I used the combo of those high nutritional male enhancement supplements that have organic herbal ingredients and specifically made for boosting male sex hormones. These included VigRX Plus for Bigger, Longer Lasting Erections or Erectin for Bigger, Longer Lasting Erections and Semenax supplements. 

 Semenax is a record breaker for fast production of testosterone which plays a vital role in the quality and volume of semen and penile health, and helps in correcting premature ejaculation. The rich herbal content in Semenax also greatly helps to boost libido, increase sexual satisfaction, and enhance orgasms.

VigRX Plus for Bigger, Longer Lasting Erections or Erectin for Bigger, Longer Lasting Erections on the other hand will help you become a god on bed, because it will help you have hard rock erections and stamina, help you feel fuller, and make you perform excellently in sex, lasting up to an hour or more, which promotes explosive orgasms for you and your woman. 

These supplements will aid the process of using the orthopedic pro-extender for your penile growth. 

With these combo, you are guaranteed a bigger healthy penis, and superb sexual performances, any day any time. 

Some of the organic ingredients used in Semenax and VigRX Plus or Erectin include: L- Carnitine, Cranberry, Zinc, Horny goat weed, Catuaba bark, Hawthorne berry, Wild oats straw, Maca, Sarsaparilla, Vitamin E, Muira Puama, Pine bark Extract, and Pumpkinseed – among others …

Semenax and VigRX Plus or Erectin supplement have no side effects as far as I used it and other hundreds of people I have recommended it to. 

These specially helps in correcting erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation, and great for boosting Hard Rock erections, while also boosting growth cells. 


At 57 years of age, I feel stronger and bigger and healthier in that area now, much more that I had been in my teen and adulthood stages. 

My wife has always shown satisfaction with my former 7.2 inch dong. 

However, I discovered that with my new status, she loves it truly that bigger, stronger, and she actually can’t contain her excitement every time she beholds it. 

She said to me that she prefers this bigger, thicker dong and that it hit areas inside her that she NEVER knew were even there.

You see… women will tell you how your little or average penis is good enough for her or that size really isn’t a problem.


The sad truth is, she has a secret.


A secret that only her best girly friends know.


You’re too small or average for her and she’s not getting what she needs in bed.


Now if she has self discipline and control, she will love you for who you are and never consider cheating.


BUT… for some women… that inner urge to satisfy that craving is too much and she just can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to find a guy that could give her what she needs.

I have since been recommending this new found male enhancement breakthrough to men all over the globe. I speak about it in meetings and seminars, and whenever a patient walks into my office for penis enlargement, I simply discourage surgery and recommend the Orthopedic PRO-EXTENDER with the Supplements. 

I am also proud to say the medical research team at Global Medicals Research Foundation have fully accepted and endorsed this remedy for men in this area. 

My recommendation on this for male enhancement is based on solid research, scientific, and personal experience…

So whatever your dong size may be, if you are keen on safely enhancing its growth and performance, I recommend trying out the Orthopedic PRO-EXTENDER along with the organic supplements

You can now completely restore daily morning wood and frequent, full hard-ons and stamina!

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You see… the only reason most uneducated doctors think a small dong is something normal is because this is so common in the West.

But while it may be common as noted, in NO WAY is it natural, as you will soon find …

Beware of Dangerous Knock-Offs, Fakes & Cheap Imitations…

Fake look-alike extenders exist out there. They don’t work. And could impair your penis.



As soon as you gain access to PRO-EXTENDER and the supplements, and start applying it, you will restart the cellular growth of your penis.

PRO-EXTENDER Package Pricing:

The basic package which consists only the exact orthopedic pro-extender pack cost $179 USD, with a $20 discount applied at the period. This means, instead of $199 retail price – you can get it today at $179 USD.

Using only the orthopedic pro-extender can help start your growth process with noticeable increase from 2 weeks… 


If you desire something more, we highly advice the Deluxe Package. This consists of the orthopedic pro-extender pack, VigRX Plus or Erectin and Semenax supplements, as a combo package to help you achieve faster results. This combo cost $229 at the moment with a $90 applied discount. It means instead of getting it at around $319 retail price, you can get it today at $229 USD.


There’s also an option that provides more, with a coach to work you through the process as you work and document your journey together. It’s called the Ultimate package and much costlier than the other options. 

Whatever choice you make based on your budget, favorable result is certain and guaranteed. 


IN THE CASE THAT YOU NEED ONLY THE SUPPLEMENTS, please use the following direct product pages to access each of them:

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The orthopedic pro-extender is very easy to use. Simply wear it on your penis as seen in the video below. Video below is a step by step process how to best use the orthopedic pro-extender. 

WATCH VIDEO above how to use orthopedic pro-extender 

As for the herb supplements, take one capsule each of VigRX Plus or Erectin and Semenax in the morning with breakfast, and repeat same one capsule each by evening before bed time. 

Clearly, Once you receive the package, you will find a very easy to apply graphical manual that indicates step by step guide on how you can comfortably wear the orthopedic pro-extender. You will also find the exact daily dosage applicable for the use of Semenax and VigRX Plus or Erectin supplements. 

It ships 24 – 48 hrs to any address within the United States, and around 3 – 7 days to other locations across the world…

To start right away, 

you can gain full secure access to any of the package by CLICKING the button below. 

Note: About 99% of patients I have administered PRO-EXTENDER and the supplements to, have had positive results with respect to increase in size, longevity and harder erections. Also note that as humans, we all have different body systems, and so one person may experience more inches in growth than another. My desire is that it helps you grow, become stronger, and a happier proud man down there in your pants and be duly worshipped in the room. This will help every man dominate in sex, and that's what every woman wants.


Harold Johnson:
I wasted so much money on penis enlargement creams and pumps until I discovered this. I am forever grateful to Dr. Stevenson for recommending this to me. This is the real deal.

Mark Hibbert:
Have always wondered what was the secret behind few mens huge cock size, I searched for this for long and when I met Stevenson, I found it. Am now huge and strong, I could be a porn star if I wanted with my new 8.9 inch super thick dick. Proextender and the supplements is effective and worked effective as desired.

Feli Maltida S:
I got this for my boyfriend for one reason and that's because I love him dearly and desire to spend the rest of my life with him and without having to cheat on him. He suffered premature ejaculation and was a bit small in size. In 5 months, He has grown much bigger and no longer suffers premature E. This is the best decision I made not just for him but for us.

DISCOVER Orthopedic PRO-EXTENDER and VigRX Plus or Erectin + Semenax, and be the Alpha Male you desire.

CAUTION: Beware of Dangerous Knock-Offs, Fakes & Cheap Imitations...Fake look-alike extenders exist out there. They don’t work. And could impair your penis. FOR ABSOLUTE SAFETY & WHAT WORKS, PLEASE USE ONLY THE PRO-EXTENDER RECOMMENDED ON THIS SITE.

Medical Disclaimer

This content was created based on what we know works for men - with absolute assurance, and can be used by every man who have no other serious sexual medical problems The Content is however not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a chronic medical condition. If you think you may have a medical emergency, contact your doctor or chat with Dr Stevenson by mailing to drstevenson@medicalsresearch.com

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